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Find Your Unclaimed Assets with Nevada Treasurer's Office

The Nevada State Treasurer's Office is responsible for safeguarding and managing unclaimed property in the state. Unclaimed property refers to any assets or money that have been left inactive or forgotten by their owners for an extended period of time.

This can include a wide range of items such as forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks, unclaimed insurance benefits, and more. Every year, millions of dollars in unclaimed property are turned over to the State of Nevada, and the State Treasurer's Office is responsible for holding these assets until they can be claimed by their rightful owners.

The good news is that it's FREE to search and collect any unclaimed property that you may be owed. You can search for unclaimed property online through their website, and the process is straightforward and simple.

If you have unclaimed property, just follow the instructions and provide any required documentation. Typically, your claim can be processed and completed in a few weeks, after which you will receive your rightful assets.

Here is the link directly to Nevada Treasurer's Unclaimed Assets Search.

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