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FREE Smart Thermostats from NV Energy

Outdated thermostat

If you have an old thermostat, now's a good time to upgrade, for FREE!

NV Energy is offering up to four of the latest energy-efficient smart thermostats to homeowners, valued at $300 each for free, including installation!

What's the catch? Yes, of course they want something in return. They ask you to participate in FlexResponse, to help lower the demand for energy during the hottest times of the day between June and September. They can adjust your thermostats, up to four degrees, during peak periods.

Hear me out on this.

I have the Ecobee smart thermostats from NV Energy, and I can tell you that this summer, which was EXTREMELY hot for more days than normal, I barely noticed the difference when my smart thermostats were adjusted. They did this about a dozen times during the summer, generally from about 5pm to 8pm. I only saw two degrees each time. So it was far from unbearable, and it saved me money, and helped keep the energy grid from having blackouts.

Saving me up to $600 on smart thermostats was great. What's even better is the control that I have, versus an old outdated thermostat. I have the smart thermostat app on my phone and my smart speaker is connected as well.

I mean, seriously, don't you want to be able to say, 'Alexa, I'm hot' and the thermostat gets turned down a couple of degrees, without you getting up? How about coming back from a trip and setting the thermostat on your app before you get home so the house is just the right temperature when you come in. These smart thermostats offer great benefits at no cost to you, just a little temperature change now and then.

For more information and to order your free thermostats, visit NV Energy today.

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